building the shot


Holly Randall teaches her unique skillset as a world renown photographer. Immerse yourself in her 1-on-1 style teachings.


No where else can you find the level of experience that award winning photographer Holly Randall can provide. Only available here at HollyRandallWorkshops

Building the Shot

Holly teaches you how how she builds her shot. From location selection, lighting setup and selection, composition, and everything she knows for you to master the techniques that has earned her renowned fame. Immerse yourself with personal interaction while you shoot accomplished models with Holly right by your side. Get personal attention while she sits with you 1 on 1 to perfect your shooting as well as shot selection and constructive feedback on your own shots. Building the shot comprises of all aspects you will encounter from conception to actualization to print. If you’ve ever wanted to know your true potential, learning from those who are most knowledgable and accomplished will give you the key to greatness.

Personalized attention

Personalized attention with Holly allows for more immersive training in turn achieving greater results, faster! 

Small class size

Small class sizes creates a more intimate atmosphere allow you to work closely with like minded individuals! 

full shot building

From conceptualization to actualization, learn the full spectrum to achieve that amazing shot! 

*video cover photo by Light & Magic


  • Holly’s workshop was one of the best I’ve attended. Holly is a great teacher. She’s professional and experienced but also friendly, funny and personal. She delivered a remarkable 2 days at a beautiful location with beautiful models, helpful assistants, professional hair and makeup and lots of equipment. We were able watch her set up her shots and then had the opportunity to shoot that or set up our own. There was a great balance between instruction and shooting. I came home with hundreds of amazing images. The small class size made the whole event very personal and I left with new skills, new friends and some great images for my portfolio. Fantastic.

    Light & Magic Photography
  • Holly was awesome to work with during a 1-on-1 workshop with such an experienced photographer as she is. It was cool to get hands on tips and tricks & to know what makes a good photo set… I enjoyed it immensely! Holly’s knowledge is just something that’s very valuable and not a lot of photographers know the details like she does. If you really wanted to up your stakes in this business, then I’d highly recommend!

    Saffy Photographer
  • I flew in from Reno to study with Holly. I love her lighting techniques and I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here. Not only is she informative and very helpful with guiding me on how to work with models, but I’m having a ton of fun…. and she feeds you lunch!

    Shanda Golden Business Owner & Photographer