Does the cost of the workshops include a hotel room?
No, you will have to purchase your hotel room separately.

Are there any other costs I should consider?
Rental cars, any food or drink beyond what will be provided.

Can I bring friends or family?
No. We try to keep the traffic down so that we can give you our full attention

What photo gear should I bring?
It depends on what class you are taking. If you are only attending the lecture, you need bring nothing— except pen and paper is recommended to take notes! If you are joining in on one of the shooting portions you must bring a DSLR camera body with a hot shoe, and at least one lens. Bring your own shoot cards, laptop and card reader so you can download your shots during class. If you have pocket wizards, bring those too, but we can provide them on set if needed.

Bring a reasonable amount of gear but don’t go overboard. No lights are needed.

Should I bring a laptop?
We highly recommend it– you want to download your images throughout the day, to make sure you have them backed up elsewhere.

What is the level of nudity involved? 

The lecture portion will have the model wearing lingerie. For the shooting portions you will be able to shoot the models in full softcore nude poses. That means NO open leg, so please don’t ask for it. We are aiming for artistic, glamorous nude photography, nothing explicit. The girls will start with lingerie and take it off as you shoot. Of course, if you only wish to get clothed shots, you certainly do NOT have to shoot nudes. That is entirely up to you.

How will the workshop be organized? 

Please check the class description on the classes page to see how each class/workshop will be organized.

What’s the difference between purchasing the lecture and shooting slot on Saturday vs just taking the Sunday course?

On Saturday Holly will be giving a much more detailed lecture on studio lighting and the many other important variables to being a successful photographer. The shooting portion will be limited to one set only, but it will be a one-on-one private session with you, Holly, and the model. Sunday will have a more general lighting demonstration, and the shooting will be done in a group session, not as a private session. The entire experience on Sunday will be approximately 8 hours, and students will be able to shoot up to three different looks on the model. In a nutshell, you will learn more specific details about photography on Saturday, but on Sunday you will be able to shoot more content for your portfolio. We created this variation in teaching methods to satisfy students who are looking for different things— we found some students wanted to learn more about studio lighting and photography, and other students simply wanted the opportunity to shoot beautiful photos. This weekend workshop will cater to both types!

What rights to the images will I have?
Students may use the images for non-commerical online and print use. That means anything for your portfolio, or any case where you are using the images to promote your career. You cannot sell or license the images to a third party without consulting and drafting a separate agreement with Holly. Otherwise, the images are yours! You take them home, you own the copyright (you can put your own watermark on them as you please). But please credit HollyRandallWorkshops in association with the photos, if possible.

Is there a refund/cancellation policy?
Due to the fact that this is a very small event and each instructor is responsible for their workshops, there are no refunds. That being said, your classes are transferable so you are welcome to give them or sell them to another photographer.

Will Holly be doing any other workshops in the future?
Yes, make sure to register for her newsletter to be included in all future class information. If you would like to inquire about personal 1on1 mentoring opportunities please use the contact page to email Holly directly.