• I attended Holly’s workshop in April 2016. In just one day, we had a lecture/Q&A session, shot four setups with two different models, and shared a relaxing lunch getting to know the crew, talent, and other attendees. As a serious hobbyist, I was comfortable with the technical aspects of photography, but I didn’t have much experience directing talent. Holly actually spent time in the lecture discussing how to interact with models and how important it is to make sure they feel comfortable. When it came time to shoot, I was pretty nervous and I think the models could tell, but Holly had chosen some really experienced girls who actually put me at ease and helped us find some great shots together. I’d never really worked with a crew before and was impressed with the way they would keep the scene configured for perfect exposure. When I would move to a different position, changing the distance or the angle to the model, the crew guys would quickly jump in to take a meter reading and make any necessary adjustments to the lighting. This was my first glimpse of what it must be like as a professional photographer, being able to focus on direction and framing and creative expression while trusting the crew to take care of business and stay out of the way. Top notch! My favorite part of the whole day was the very last setup when Holly joined in to provide some 1:1 instruction. We were shooting a bubble bath scene, and we’d look at the pictures together on the back of the camera and discuss how to adjust the next shot. At one point she even directed the model for me while I snapped the shutter. It was a real treat to see Holly in action, practicing those same techniques she had discussed in the morning lecture. I highly recommend these workshops to anyone who is a fan of Holly’s work and to anyone wanting experience in the glamour/boudoir genre.

    Jamie S. Photographer
  • I must admit that I was somewhat reticent about attending a workshop directed by someone of Holly’s calibre. My work is a culmination of years of trial and error. I decided to enroll in the workshop and travel from Oklahoma so that I could get the professional help that I needed. I was not disappointed. Holly was dedicated to helping me and the other participants with the smallest and sometimes most remedial details. I feel very confident after attending, that I can set up, organize and execute photo shoots that I would not have attempted before. Even after the shoot I was able to discuss some proposed equipment acquisitions with her team. I will certainly look forward to an opportunity to attend another workshop and work with Holly.

    D R Harris Renegade Studios
  • Holly was awesome to work with during a 1-on-1 workshop with such an experienced photographer as she is. It was cool to get hands on tips and tricks & to know what makes a good photo set… I enjoyed it immensely! Holly’s knowledge is just something that’s very valuable and not a lot of photographers know the details like she does. If you really wanted to up your stakes in this business, then I’d highly recommend!

    Saffy Photographer
  • I flew in from Reno to study with Holly. I love her lighting techniques and I’ve learned so much since I’ve been here. Not only is she informative and very helpful with guiding me on how to work with models, but I’m having a ton of fun…. and she feeds you lunch!

    Shanda Golder Business Owner & Photographer