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Building the shot OCT 2018

Workshop | October 20th & 21st
Private Sessions | October 22nd
Los Angeles, CA

Building the Shot

Holly teaches you how how she builds her shot. From location selection, lighting setup and selection, composition, and everything she knows for you to master the techniques that has earned her renowned fame. Immerse yourself with personal interaction while you shoot accomplished models with Holly right by your side. Get personal attention while she sits with you 1 on 1 to perfect your shooting as well as shot selection and constructive feedback on your own shots. Building the shot comprises of all aspects you will encounter from conception to actualization to print. If you’ve ever wanted to know your true potential, learning from those who are most knowledgeable and accomplished will give you the key to greatness.

Private Sessions

Holly will be offering a separate day of private session mentoring and shooting. The following Monday will be limited to 30 minute time slots which can be purchased for an additional price. In that 30 minutes, students will be able to apply what they’ve learned from past lectures and workshops, have Holly as hands on or off as you want and be able to shoot the model in one of the lighting setup demonstrated in the Workshop. Get professionally crafted shots for your portfolio with an amazing model and Holly right by your side, mentoring you step by step during your shooting process.


Personalized attention with Holly allows for more immersive training in turn achieving greater results, faster!

Small Class Size

Small class sizes creates a more intimate atmosphere allow you to work closely with like minded individuals!

Complete Shot Building

From conceptualization to actualization, learn the full spectrum to achieve that amazing shot!

Attending model

(Private Sessions & Workshop model)
Skye Blue


Weight: 110lbs
Height: 5’8″
Stats: 33d-26-32



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Saturday & Sunday

Building the Shot WOrkshop

Both days are my typical workshop class structure: we’ll have three different setups that we’ll be shooting, I’ll briefly demonstrate the lighting technique before each setup, and then each student will have 5-7 minutes to shoot the model one-on-one in each of the three setups.  If you buy the entire weekend in one fell swoop, we take $100 off the top.

Monday Oct 22nd

Private Sessions

This is my first dedicated day to private sessions where I will work with you one-on-one to help craft, conceptualize, setup, pose, and anything else you want assistance with. Holly can be as hands on or off as you want. With personalized instructions, along with my crew helping out, this is an amazing addition to your photographic arsenal.

**times subject to change based on registrations. If there are gaps in schedule, all slots will be moved up to the next available slot. Notifications will be sent out prior to the event**